ADOT Freeway Management System

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The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is one of the leading public agencies in the nation in the realm of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Freeway Management System (FMS). ADOT is taking advantage of the following intelligent infrastructure monitoring devices for management and operation of freeways:

Traffic Operation Center

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Traffic Operation Center (TOC), located at 2302 West Durango Street in Phoenix opened in 1990 and is the heart of traffic operations for freeway travel. Arizona's Freeway Management System (FMS) devices are connected to servers in this central location via fiber optics. The TOC maintains operations 24/7. This is made possible by well-trained operators who cover three shifts during a 24 hour time period. These operators monitor and control traffic and incidents. The TOC control room includes eight stations and a video monitor wall. On average, more than 115 incidents per day are handled in the control room, including crashes, road hazards, weather related advisories, and other travel related needs. Confirming incidents, deploying staff, supporting and coordinating with field crews, and sharing information with road users via DMS are part of their daily duties. Presence of ADOT's communication officers for 20 hours every day ensures the delivery of public information and the receipt of feedback to and from travelers. The co-location and coordination of DPS officers and ADOT personnel in the TOC control room have been one of the most significant innovations to improve joint responses to incidents.

Project Vicinity Map
The 9' X 40' video wall in the control room consists of 40 monitors enabling scanning of 160 cameras at the same time.