Super Bowl Traffic Operations

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The planning and execution of traffic operations for the Super Bowl was a major success with respect to regional operations and collaboration between agencies. With multiple agencies involved in events during the week prior to the game, planning and real-time execution of Super Bowl traffic management required coordination and cooperation led by the City of Glendale in partnership with ADOT, MCDOT, and the City of Phoenix. The event spurred the need to develop improved coordination processes to provide safe and efficient travel for visitors and residents during the event. Agencies also collaborated on video sharing capabilities through the MAG Regional Community Network (RCN) system to provide national security and NFL stakeholders with the ability to monitor key areas in real-time.

ADOT TOC personnel were at the Glendale TMC to help manage the Loop 101 and I-10 freeways with their freeway DMS messages and as well as with directing and re-directing traffic to appropriate exits on the Loop 101. ADOT helped identify appropriate and best routes for the teams to get to the stadium. ADOT ALERT and DPS were also on site to help with any traffic diversion needed and to clear incidents on the freeway. MCDOT REACT was on-site to help with any necessary re-directing of traffic on the surface streets and implement closures as needed. The City of Glendale worked with ADOT, MCDOT and the City of Phoenix to develop signal timing plans for special events that could be used for future events as well.

While the Super Bowl was a single event, the collaboration efforts opened the way for improved communications between agencies and an ability to work together that goes far beyond the timeframe of the Super Bowl; it has set the stage for more positive, regional operations in the future.